PL.A. Ornaments (Franchise for Tanishq Jewellery)
Tanishq is the largest chain of jewellery show room in india from house of TATA since 1999. PL.A. Ornaments was won all India best Boutique award in the year of 2010 - 2011. The biggest jewellery show room in India, TATA Tanishq now in Trichy as elegant. The special future of Tanishq is, it is functioning in 78 cities in India with 128 branches. Tanishq is the pioneer in checking the purity of gold through karate meter. Here Diamond jewelleries, Kundan, Polki, Stone ornaments and Real stone
ornaments displaced with enormous design for sale. And more Tanishq has two unique monthly savings schemes successfully functioning. One is Golden Harvest scheme which has 12 months installments. You can pay minimum Rs.500 or more as you please for continuous 11 month payment and the remaining 12th month will be paid by TATA as bonus. The Second scheme is called Swarna Nidhi. The scheme special future is that you can freeze the gold in your name whenever you feel the gold rate is lower, without any restrictions for payments and the amount in multiples of 1000/-.
Diamond Gold Platinum
Contact Person : Mr. G.Manikandan / S.Vadivu
Contact Address :
Tanishq (From TATA)
TS. No: 50
6A, Fort Station Road,
Behind St.Joseph's College Church,
Trichy - 620 002.
Contact No :
+91 99421 24534
+91 99421 24334
+91 431 2708111
+91 431 2708222
Email Id :
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